Yakult Plus with vitamin C and fiber

Yakult Plus is a fermented skimmed milk drink with at least 20 billion of L.casei Shirota, the live lactic acid bacteria exclusive of Yakult which favours the balance of the intestinal flora.
In addition, Yakult Plus contains fibres and vitamin C, which contributes to the good functioning of the immune system*.
Yakult Plus has less sugar than Yakult. And it contains a natural sweetener taken from the Stevia leaves **, with a sweetening power 200 times higher than the normal sugar, but without calories.
Yakult Plus is gluten free.
Try its new fresh and light taste!

*Within a varied and balance diet and a healthy life-style, a bottle of Yakult Plus every day gives the 15% of the nutritive value of Vitamin C.
**Sweetener: steviolic glycoside


Vitamin C is among the essential nutrients for humans. The list of its properties is long, starting from the ability to contribute to normal immune function. Interestingly, vitamin C is able to exert this effect even in situations that can put to the test the efficiency of the immune system as during or after an intense physical effort. In this sense, it is undoubtedly a vitamin that every sportsman should well consider.

This nutrient is also an important antioxidant, helping to protect cells from oxidative stress; in addition, it is able to regenerate the active form of vitamin E, another fundamental antioxidant which loses this ability after having acted against free radicals.

Fruits and vegetables are a good sources of vitamin C but many habits related to buying, preservation or cooking actually make us taking less vitamin C than what we would think.

Vitamin C is in fact highly perishable: it cannot stand air, light and heat. This means that, to minimize the loss, we should eat foods as fresh as possible, raw (on average, 56% of vitamin C is lost during cooking), not frozen and not canned (canned vegetables undergo sterilization under high temperature conditions).

The amount of vitamin C present in each bottle of Yakult Plus is guaranteed until the expiration date.