Summer sports: find the right one for you!

June, the time of the longest days of the year: and time to start planning a holiday – a city weekend break, a holiday at the beach or up in the mountains?

What are we looking for in a holiday? Each of us something  is looking for something different, of course. But have no fear: whatever your style is, there is definitely an activity  for you; even for those who are just looking for a little relaxation, a break at the seaside or in the mountains, there is always an opportunity to devote time to your own physical wellbeing.

For those who are looking for inspiration

If  your type of holiday means to free your mind, relax, and be inspired by a charming atmosphere, here are some activities for you:

At the seaside

Swimming at sunset: the exercise in salt water between the waves will make you feel more relaxed, while the rhythmicity of the movements will join the silent peace of twilight and the golden highlights to give you all the relaxation you need.

In the mountains

Horseback riding in the woods: horseback riding in the mountains, surrounded by nature, is a sport that will make you discover marvellous landscapes from a completely different point of view.

For those who want to shake up their habits

Rather than changing the pace, fill your day with something different. If your idea of holiday is this one, the sports you seek are in environments that are far from the city routine.

Here are our suggestions:

At the seaside

Diving: in all major seaside resorts, specialized schools can guide you in the experience of diving more suited to your physical preparation.
And among new techniques to learn and new sceneries to enjoy, your seaside holiday will never be the same.

In the mountains

Climbing: if trekking already makes us savour really impressive landscapes, it is climbing that gives us the thrill of the most exclusive ones.
Anyone who wants to engage in this practice will find the destination which suits his own skills, without necessarily thinking about extreme sport performance.

For those who thirst for adrenaline

Does holiday mean to brave the limits to you? Rely on the wind!

At the seaside

Kite surfing: a new sport but already widespread on our shores: surfing the waves of the sea towed by a kite. By learning how to harness winds and waves, you will be able to perform the most daring stunts and the boldest jumps.

In the mountains

Paragliding: find the perfect peak, the right position, the best wind exposure. Then choose the stretch with the right slope, turn your back to the sail, take a breath of courage and go, in free flight, you and the wind, to dominate the most evocative sceneries – with eyes and heart.