Gym etiquette: 7 tips to practice

Nearing the beginning of a new year means we’re nearing the time to re-new our gym subscriptions and work off the few extra inches we’ll gain around the festive season. To get back into the gym with the right mindset, here are 7 rules of good etiquette at the gym.

Proper clothing

Changing into your workout clothes at the gym is a good idea, especially for hygiene purposes. Wearing our gym shoes when we’re at the gym will keep the floor of the gym clean, where our gym-mates could be lying down for pushups or ab exercises.

No fragrance

Perfume is something very personal, which may not appeal to those who train next to us. Mixed with sweat, this could be even worse. So it would be better to avoid wearing perfume to the gym, apart from deodorant of course.

Bag in the locker

After we’ve got changed, it is a good idea to put our bag in the locker. Bringing it into the workout space means that it could get in the way, putting us and others at the risk of tripping over it, so it is a matter of safety rather than just etiquette.

Personal towel

If we want to get back in shape we must sweat, that’s for sure. A personal towel to lay on mats or to be used during exercise to dry our sweat is essential.

Clean tools

When we sweat, we will inevitably sweat on the machines we are using. To be considerate to those using the machines once we’re done with them, we should dry the machines before moving on to the next exercise.

Put back

Again, good manners as well as safety: if I have used the weights, leaving them in the middle of the room could be dangerous.


Take the opportunity to leave your beloved smartphone behind you when working out, and you’ll find that the stress-relieving effects of the workout will be even better. If you must take a call, ideally this is taken out of the room to avoid disturbing others with our personal conversations.