7 sports ideas under the tree

Are you thinking about what to give to a sport fan or, on the contrary, to your hopelessly lazy friend

Would you like to turn the sporting passion of your partner into one more opportunity to be together?

So, these 7 ideas will suit you: be sure to have them under the tree this year!

An original idea could be for example to combine the pleasure of physical activity with the one of travel: sports tourism is becoming increasingly popular and for some sports it offers truly perfect combinations. Here are some examples:

  • For a marathon runner, what could be better than to participate in one of the most spectacular races of the year? If you want to surprise your partner, we recommend the Polar Night Halfmarathon, on January 7 in Tromsø, Norway. A challenge to your courage, which will be rewarded with all the charm of the polar twilight in the heart of Lapland: if you are looking for a magical atmosphere, pack your bags!
  • Whereas for a skydiver, a very good idea could be a short holiday in South Spain. A few kilometres away from Seville lies in fact the La Juliana airfield, which offers skydiving up to 4.600 metres for 365 days a year. And waiting for you on your return, there will be the Andalusian wonders of a city of art and flamenco, the scent and colour of the trees laden with oranges and the warmth of a mild and sunny winter.
  • An equestrian lover will instead appreciate the idea of long horseback-ridings on the white horses of the Camargue, between beaches and sand dunes, pink flamingos and lagoon landscapes. There are many riding schools and guides throughout the country and you can often find them in farms where you can even stay for a total-nature vacation without sacrificing comfort and charm.

Along with the holidays, another must-do under the tree is the technology, which quickly combines with sport activity in a close and indispensable way.

Some ideas from the latest innovations in this field:

  • For skiers, the new hi-tech helmets with the smartest options like Bluetooth, integrated earphones and built-in microphone to listen to your favourite music or answer calls even on the snow-covered slopes.
  • The 2017 runner will have technology at his feet: new hi-tech models with Bluetooth sensors to detect and correct steps, possibility of temperature control and designed and non-deformable padding regardless of intensity and length of the race.
  • whoever said that yoga can not be technological? The latest trend on interactive mats are able to register how we execute a position and give us directions on how to correct them

And to stir up the stubborn laziness of your friend? Here is the last piece of advice:

  • Personal trainer at home for one month: there is a discipline ideal for everybody and a good professional will be able to find it also for her. And in February, at last, in the gym together!